Will Miller


  • Brooklyn
  • Change Today
  • Cloak & Wizarding Hat
  • Pokey Politicians
  • Typeface DUCO


Change Today

Interconnected and mutually invested. Changing tomorrow involves changing today.

Typeface DUCO

Inspired by natural structure and dimensional form, Duco was painstakingly hand-drawn with pencil, scanned, vectorized and redrawn in Fontlab. During the first showing, the font was distributed on disc along with the poster.

Oxen, Brooklyn, Pokey Politicians, and Cloak & Wizarding Hat

Pangrams are phrases typographers use when choosing typefaces. They contain all the letters of the alphabet.


Will Miller is a Chicago-based Designer Director at Firebelly since 2007. His work has been featured in Print magazine’s Regional Design Annual, AIGA 365, The Type Directors Club Annual and many other publications and creative blogs.

He currently teaches a Foundational Typography class at Chicago Portfolio School and is involved with the design mentoring program through the AIGA Chicago. He greatly enjoys participating and instructing during the 10 day long Camp Firebelly, where students, from across the country collaborate on solving social issues through good design.

Will is a graduate of  Ringling College of Art Design holding a Bachelor of Fine Arts in Graphic and Interactive Communication.


Change Today

Pen & ink on paper
26 × 38 inches

Typeface DUCO

Hand-drawn font
1-color screenprint
metallic gold paper
20 × 30 inches

Oxen, Brooklyn, Pokey Politicians, and Cloak & Wizarding Hat

Illustrated pangram series, 6 of 26
Pen & ink, marker and graphite on paper
8 × 10 inches