Vida Sasic


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Over the past few years, my work has been made up of various printed matter often accompanied by interactive or screen-based technologies used to compliment the printed pieces and offset the naturally tactile qual­ities found in print, further accentuating the physicality of the design object. Though screen-based technologies remain influential, a move towards more exploration of the printed form, especially through re-purpos­ed technologies, has prevailed in my more recent pieces. Formally, the visual language that is created through the use of inherent organic qualities of letterpress printing and, more recently, etching is key in informing my image making. Thematically, my work explores themes of materiality and displace­ment, topics that are relevant to the 21st century experience of globalization and are particularly interesting to me because of my immigrant background. My hand-made books explore this identity both in story and image.

The prints included in the Typeforce 3 exhibit feature abstract typographic comp­ositions printed on Vander­cook SP15 letterpress using wood and lead type and pres­sure-printed abstract form.


Vida Sasic received her MFA in Graphic Design from Indiana University Bloomington in 2010. Vida currently lives in Chicago, where she teaches graphic design at Northeastern Illinois University. Her books, posters, and prints are informed by con­temporary and historical means of production in graphic design and explore the tactile qualities of the designed object. She has exhibited locally and nationally and has been awarded a summer residency at the Center for Book and Paper Arts Columbia College Chicago, Illinois, in June 2010.