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As designers, we see one path has the ability to influence many. Looking forward and anticipating the problems of tomorrow, we shape the environment and framework of discussion for today.

We pursue this role with a desire to influence new ideas, future form, expression, technology and ideology. To inspire not only those who are here, but those to come. To both create an impact now, and leave an imprint upon where we have been. For us, allowing design to address and solve issues moves designers back towards the role of thinkers, explorers and problem solvers.

Will Miller + Darren McPherson

Time Lapse


Lycra fabric
Fishing braid
Eye hooks
150 feet end to end


42 hours of build time
(not including sketching, brainstorming and test time)

225 yards of 60 lb test fishing wire

93 steel bolts

186 steel bolt nuts

38 yards of white lycra

40 eyehooks

19 3M sticky hooks