Title Window


Past, present, and future were born at once, triplets parented by the first concept, the first mark, the first symbol on a stone wall. They are forever entwined by native tongues twisted around foreign, jostling for the chance to be heard, understood, and remembered. This title wall was a nod to the primal nature of language, the ephemeral carved into stone, essential truths written in sand along the shoreline. It existed. It was destroyed. And yet… it is still here.

Erin Borreson + Nick Adam + Ohn Ho + Will Miller


25 4′ × 8′ Foam insulation sheets

8 Cans of stone texture paint

1.5 Rolls of packing tape

76 Scoops of plaster

278 Nails + wood screws

500 Milliliters of fluorescent tempera paint

2 Fog machines

2 LED black light panels