Studio 1a.m.




For us, typeforce represents a unique sampling of what’s going on within the local design community. Chicago itself is a rare city: possessing both inter­national prestige and midwestern humility — raw and authentic. We view the typeforce show as a reflection of these assets with regard to the current design scene.

We are honored to have been selected and feel our diy signage systems are a reflection of our ever-evolving, process-focused work.

The diverse mix of local work is truly inspiring and encourages us to continue producing; to be active in shaping this one-of-a-kind design community.

Our diy signage system makes it possible for anyone to create large scale messages in public spaces.

The custom typeface is created from construction nails (available in copper and aluminum). This simple medium, when multiplied within a designed structure, has a profound visual effect.

Our displayed messages, “i did, did i?” and “Make Do” give example to our concept with messages that encourage open interpretation, allowing the viewer to perceive multiple meanings while envisio­ning self-made future installations.


Studio 1a.m. creates smile-making and/or thought-provoking objects executed in 2d and/or 3d. Graphic materials and/or utilitarian artifacts. Words as materials and/or materialized words. Studio 1a.m. works on commission and/or independently on self-initiated projects!

Studio 1a.m. is Donna Piacenza and/or Jody Work. Donna Piacenza is an Industrial Designer interested in conceptual storytelling and inter­action. Jody Work is a Visual Communicator interested in dim­ension, action and interplay. We’re focused on creating meaningful messages. Whether these messages take the form of typo­graphic signage, objects, or print materials, we be­lieve our reciprocal process (going back and forth between 2d and 3d) strengthens the message. Our work has been displayed and recognized inter­nationally. Some recent awards/press include, tdc, aiga 365, Communication Arts, id magazine and Readymade magazine.


Nails / mdf / acrylic