Scott Reinhard


  • For The Record, I Think So


The show was an opportunity for me to include myself with a energetic and kind bunch of Chicago designers. There is a feeling that things are hap­pening here, and the goodwill and energy among our community is cause for much excitement.

This piece brought together an interest in geometry, traditional signpainting technique and letterforms, irony, and wordplay. Less a piece of graphic design, and more an artwork, the very confident statement “For the record” is immediately diffused with the less con­fident “I think so”, creating an uneasy balance.


Scott Reinhard is a Chicago-based graphic designer. In his current role, he serves as a Senior Designer at the Mus­eum of Contemporary Art Chicago, creating exhibition identities, catalogues, and other ephemera for the institution.

In his personal work, he uses traditional product­ion methods and materials to execute concept­ual pieces of art. He enjoys spending time with letters, colors, shapes, and bits & pieces of the vernacular landscape. Scott has shown work throughout the city, including 2010’s We Are Family: Emerging Talent in Chicago, organized by the Post Family.


Vinyl, house and enamel paint


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