Ryan Thurlwell


  • Nice To Know You


In this series I wanted to symbolize an indirect connection with people in my life. The names I have chosen for this collection are of people I have never met, or have met in the most brief passing. They are names cherished by people in my life whom I am personally involved with and invested in. They are names of parents, grandparents, and children. In a sense, I have come to know the indirect name through the direct person in my life. The combination of letters that represent names are specific and unique to each one of us. These drawings are not representations of the characteristics of the person, but instead represent the beauty of their life and the sacred nature of relationships between them and the people I know directly. These pieces are a way to typify life, express relationships, and forge another way for this relationship to exist.


Participating in an effort to display some of the raw talent Chicago has to offer was both flattering and a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity. Why wouldn’t you contribute to something like that? If I had it my way, the contributing artists would go nameless, and the work would stand as its own identity in its context: native typographic drawings in the heart of Chicago. The show was a statement in and of itself.


Black ballpoint pen on paper
11 × 14 inches