Renata Graw


  • Supporting Character (Portrait)


I am typography robot. My eyes capture the environment, my brain translates each pixel into a glyph. It makes me happy to look at machines that move, such as yourself.

Do you want to see the characters dance?


Renata is a founder and partner at Plural, a Chicago-based design studio. Plural aims to expand understanding by inspiring people to experience things in new ways. The studio collaborates on a wide spectrum of projects in the areas of print, new media and installation.

Renata’s work has been recognized by Communication Arts, Creative Review, Eye, Print, AIGA, The Art Directors Club, The Society of Typographic Arts and the Type Directors Club.

She studied typography under Wolfgang Weingart at the Basel School of Design and participated in the Werkplaats Typografie/ISIA workshop in Urbino, Italy, under the guidance of Armand Mevis, Maureen Mooren, Leonardo Sonnoli and Karel Martens.

Renata is a native of Rio de Janeiro, Brazil. She holds a BFA in Industrial Design from the Pontiícia Universidade Católica do Rio de Janeiro, and an MFA in Graphic Design from the University of Illinois at Chicago. Currently, she is serving as vice president for AIGA/Chicago.


Webcam, monitor, computer and cables
1920 × 1080 pixels