Renata Graw, Mike Bingaman & Jeremiah Chiu


  • Albers XL


Albers XL

Three geometric modules a square, a circle, and a quarter circle. When used in combination, these simple shapes form any letter, number, or symbol.


A single-channel interactive installation created by Jeremiah Chiu in collaboration with Mike Bingaman. Created from the desire to discover new possibilities for dynamic typography to exist in digital media, this work allows the viewer’s voice to be the catalyst for the visual change. The projected wall text, “SHOUT,” is represented in a combination of fonts and adjacent to a microphone aimed at the viewer. Built with Quartz Composer, the program is set to react to high amplitudes, allowing the text to remain frozen in its combination of fonts until a viewer is compelled to shout. Once the sound reaches the threshold, the program produces a random flow of varying combinations of fonts for each letter. The primary function of type is to communicate; if the viewer follows the imperative of the text by shouting, he or she initiates a dialogue that produces a new and unique result


Jeremiah Chiu and Renata Graw were founding members of Plural, a creative design studio that produces a wide range of print, web, video, textile and music projects.

Chiu and Graw both received their MFA’s in Graphic Design from the University of Illinois at Chicago and have achieved national recognition for their design work. Mike Bingaman received his BS in Computer Science from DePaul University and is currently the Web Technology Coordinator for the Art Institute of Chicago.

Albers XL and SHOUT, 2010 are two works that embody Plural’s design philosophy to create new experiences through investigations with language and its form.


Albers XL

offset print on
50lb text
91 — 10 ×  10 inch modules


Single-channel projection:
computer, microphone
dimensions variable