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As a collaborative, Quite Strong strives to stay en­gaged with the design community, do things for the greater good, and empower female creatives. typeforce gave us the opportunity to explore typography and showcase the strengths in our group ranging from copywriting and design to illustration and programming. typeforce is a one-of-a-kind show in Chicago and we were honored to have been among the artists and designers displaying work.

No matter what the medium or subject, there are always fas­cinating fringe characters. Type is no exception. Our favorite typographical outliers inspired us to create updated carnival posters starring typefreaks.

The posters were screen printed on brightly colored paper by Delicious Design League and were plastered together in a large group reminiscent of the original wild postings.

Five posters were featured in the show (and not coincidentally, there are five of us), but a variety of other outcast marks took center stage on a microsite that invites users to vote for their favorite typefreak.


Quite Strong is a collabor­ative made up of five female Chicago-based creatives: Elaine Chernov, Victoria Pater, Jana Kinsman, Jennifer Sisson and Katherine Walker. Personally, we are dreamers, crafters, lovers, bikers, nerds and wanna-be foodies. We love Chicago, we relish creativity, and we support the female perspective in design.


Silkscreen prints