Nicole Briant


  • Do Something Human
  • And Her Son & Anderson


Nicole Briant is honored to have exhibited in typeforce 2. She submitted work because she had not previously exhibited her embroideries, and because she wanted to share a love of stitched typography with the world. She is striving toward a more personal graphic design approach, and stitched typography is a way for her to connect her personal experiences with her love of design.

Do Something Human

I often look at other people’s design work in search of human characteristics and personal narrative. I love typography, and I collect it in my every day life. I strive to be more personal in my design work, and I made this piece to remind myself to invest more of myself in the work I create.

And Her Son & Anderson

And Her Son & Anderson is a collection of pieces from my childhood. This piece is a double-layered machine and hand-embroidered sketchbook of words and illustrations that speak of love, loss, confusion, identity, and fantasy.


Nicole Briant is a graphic designer and artist living and working in Chicago, Il.  She loves embroidery, drawing, typography, Zech­ariah and Morrissey.

She began her elementary experiments with graphic design, drawing, and typography at age 7, when she created the family newspaper, “The Mullet Wrapper” and designed fake library cards for her small collection of thrifted books.

Her interest with sewing came much earlier. Nicole’s mom taught her to sew when she was 5 years old and wanted to make her dolls more linens. In her junior and senior years at the School of the Art Institute, embroidery became more of an obsessive pursuit during a year of time-intensive, reflective stitch courses taught by admired mentor/artist, Rebecca Ringquist.


Do Something Human

Embroidery (cotton thread,
artist’s hair, fabric)

And Her Son & Anderson