Nick Adam


  • Your Lucky Day Polyptych


We each have the ability to increase the amount of positive moments in the lives of those around us. Through the appropriated voice of scratch’n’win tickets, these cards target individuals in a moment readied for an uplifting experience, delivering a seem­ingly random touching message. What I can only describe as bombastic-color and energetic TNT typography, these faux-lottery tickets incite impulsive actions to reveal an unexpected surprise. Rather than a free ticket, three hearts, or a row of cherries…scratching the surface unveils simple and universal truths personal to the in­div­idual scratcher.


Nick’s work as a communication-artist is focused towards improving humankind. Understanding that all lives contain complications propels Nick to employ design as a tool in simp­lifying and solving issues. He specializes in how audiences relate to messaging, environ­ments, and each other. On the streets, within communities, and inside the marketplace, he believes that creating issue- and audience-appropriate points of awareness are invaluable catalysts that precipitate change, pos­itive shifts, and success. Believing in the po­tential of good design to improve and simplify daily life, Nick found a home at Firebelly, one of Chicago’s lead­ing creative studios. 


Scratch-off lottery ticket