Nick Adam


  • Our Life (Joy. Failure, Beauty. Me... Us.)


As a communicator with a conscious I believe my life consist of opportunities to help refocus humans towards what we have been designed for—to be keepers of this earth and helpers of each other. As designers and artists the artifacts we build must unquestionably be good, each piece must be meticulously designed and equally well thought with purpose backing every decision. Within the work I am creating, there must be an additional unquestionable attribute—it must aim to help and better the lives of people experiencing it.

I would like to propose a celebration… in honor of us. Life as I see it, is a collectively growing experience birthed by history. Your and I’s daily events are ever exponentially evolving upon all that which has preceded. Each occurrence is part cause, part effect—part chance, part choice all in randomly fluctuating ratios. As each moment has taken a lifetime to shape, each will shape a lifetime. Success and failure, delight and struggle, being and nothingness are our invaluable experiences. Recognizing our actions and experiences as important we ready ourselves for growth. This piece is a celebration, for all that we do and all that we are.

The base lettering in the Our Life installation is a custom typeface Nick built inspired by the deco-letters/illustrators of the 1920s-30s. Constructed entirely out of hand cut French Paper and grommets, the letters are con­nected by the hands and reflect the celebratory nature of banners found at Showers, Birthdays, Graduations, Over the Hill, and Retirement parties.


This man is hearted. As a creative-analytic with a conscience, Nick’s work is focused towards improving humankind. Understanding that all lives contain complications, propels Nick to employ design as a tool in simplifying and solving these issues.

His path to design and communication began on paved asphalt. As a youth it was his involvement in the sub-cultures of Chicago’s streets that intro­duced him to graffiti. It was on the same streets he came to understand that displaying work in public space is a matter of great honor and great duty, where the work created must speak to the entire community. Nick’s thoughts and practices have translated seamlessly over to a career in design and brand strategy. Nick currently works at Firebelly Design creating positive world change through good design for good reason.


Hand-cut and grommeted paper