Moving Design, Art Works, Ms. Williams’ Class & George Shaker Cohlmia


  • The Incubator


Incubator is an instal­lation of the alphabet handmade with Sculpey clay by the real emer­ging typographers in Chicago who reside at the intersection of education and expression.

Mr. Cohlmia engaged Ms. Williams’ 7- and 8-year old students in the process of making typography. The class of 20 was introduced to a brief education on the history of letterforms and was then asked to draw their own letters, in both “fancy” and “blocky” styles, using crayon and construction paper.

A week later, members of Moving Design and Art Works Projects introduced the students to a new material — white Sculpey — and these emerging typographers delighted in the freedom to express themselves, bringing their flat drawings into a
3D reality!

Innocence and the joy of unbridled spirits, free of grown-up inhibitions, come to life in this expressive alphabet we call Incubator. Every push and pull of the clay welcomes us into the realm of pure optimism.


Moving Design

Moving Design (represented by Rick Valicenti and Robyn Paprocki, with installation assistance from Bud Rodecker and Baozhen Li) is a coalition of designers and artists, working with community partners, leading initiatives that inspire advance­ment through the power of design. They use creativ­ity as a catalyst for discussion, moving their commun­ity to new understanding.

Moving Design incites passionate designers to focus their creative energy on issues that would otherwise remain un­seen and unheard. Through creative initiatives on relevant topics, Moving Design engages, informs, and activates the public.

Art Works

The mission of Art Works Projects’ (Leslie Thomas and Tess Landon) is to use design and the arts to raise awareness of and educate the public about significant human rights and envir­on­mental issues. Art Works provides visual advocacy tools which produce action on human rights crises at the grassroots, media, and policy levels. Conceptualized and created in conjunction with established humanitarian and human rights advocacy organizations, Art Works’ art and design exhibitions, books, recordings, films, and other initiatives provide opportunities for large numbers of the general population to engage in ending major human rights violations.

Ms. Williams’ 2nd Grade Class

20 students from the second grade class at Overton Elementary School in Bridgeport.

George Shaker Cohlmia

For 18 years, George Shaker Cohlmia has taught elementary and high school Visual Art and Drama in the Chicago Public Schools. Cohlmia currently teaches at two elementary schools: Overton on 49th Street and Indiana Avenue and Smyth on Blue Island. For the past 11 years, he has also been a professor at Columbia College Chicago.


Letters: Sculpey, drawings: crayon, set type: laser print