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  • Chicago, Illinois: Tool Maker


The city of Chicago has garnered various nicknames since its incorporation in 1837 such as the Windy City and the Second City. The poet Carl Sandburg in the opening lines of his poem ‘Chicago’, coined some of the most prolific nicknames during the height of Chicago’s industrial history.

Hog Butcher for the World: Chicago earned the title after surpassing Cincinnati (Porkopolis) as the leading pork packer during the Civil War. That’s a lot of bacon.

Tool Maker: Circular Saw Blade. First manufact­ured right here in Chicago in the early 1920’s. Someone had to figure out a faster way to slice a hog in half.

Stacker of Wheat: Goose Island. Not the brewery but the actual ‘neighborhood’ used to house the largest grain elevator, Armour Elevator ‘B’ that could hold 4.5 million bushels. Oh, and there was a giant monopoly that involved a lot of money by some guy named Philip Armour who was already rich off of selling swine.

Player with Railroads and the Nation’s Freight Handler: Chicago, situated in the heart of the Midwest. Perfect for railway and train companies to set up businesses and transport goods. Goods such as Meat, Tools and Grain.

Stormy, Husky, Brawling, City of the Big Shoulders: Although all the rich tycoons and conglomerates who have sealed their place in Chicago’s history in the form of their name labeled on a street sign, neighborhood and/or park, Chicago wouldn’t be the same without all the hard-working, wretched, poor, colorful, honest citizens that have made the city second to none.

Beyond literal depictions of tools, the posters serve as symbols for the city that works.


Originally from the Great Lakes State and now in the Land of Lincoln, Meng’s design principles are based on Midwestern values: honest, hard-working and straightforward. Know Your Flag is a creative outlet for Meng’s love of Chicago’s rich and inspiring history. In his freetime, Meng rides his bike year-round and his biggest pet peeve is ketchup on a kosher dog. Don’t do it or I’ll kill you. j/k. Not really.


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