Matthew Hoffman


  • I Guess I Shouldn't Have Done That
  • We're All Gonna Die
  • 'You' Crazy & 'Forever'


I Guess I Shouldn’t Have Done That

Scribbling out a mistake over and over again, with all the lines meeting to create the type.

We’re All Gonna Die

Consists of a variety of headstones with the last words spoken immediately before or after the moment of death. The foreboding tone of the piece is quickly dissolved upon reading the satirical comments engraved for eternity.

‘You’ Crazy & ‘Forever’

Take the quick impermanence of a spray-painted mark, and carve into the permanence of wood.


Matthew Hoffman is a Chicago-based artist, known for his work behind the You Are Beautiful campaign. Working under various alter egos, Hoffman’s work has been shown internationally, and featured in magazines from Readymade to Good magazine to The New York Times magazine. His work balances the line between compassion and sarcasm, with a firm belief in constant collaboration. His largest and most demanding project, itsok, is a hand cut “limited” edition of one million, and is estimated for completion in the next 50 years.


handcut wood panels