Matthew Hoffman


  • Open Source Action


Open Source Action is constructed of combined tweets from others. I sent out the following call on Friday, March 09, 2012: “Send your words/thoughts via Twitter. I will take all the bits of things you say and compile them into something we are all saying together. It can be regarding type, art, or (my personal favorite) community. Speak up! We’re listening.” The next day I collected the action words from each tweet and jumbled them all together. The resulting piece is a communal open source word jumble of action. The edition is limited to 25 hand cut pieces — the same amount of people who participated in Typeforce. Each participant will receive one, with none available otherwise. Every day we have the choice to stand up, work hard, and take initiative. Occasionally, those who risk everything should be rewarded.

Words Used

believe, feel, might, take, help, know, doing, made, create, breathe, give, do, get, in, looking, on, how, recycling, work, renewed, takes, be, learned, enjoy, is


With his use of repetition, this work by Matthew Hoffman transforms exuberant designs into quiet meditations of assurance. Working primarily in his wood shop, Hoffman uses his work to form a tide break against the waves of neg­ativity in the world around him. His wood cut shapes recreate handwriting to embody his col­loquial and wit­ty quips. The writing is light, airy, and often incorporates vibrant colors, drawing you in like shiny pieces of candy. Matthew began his career under several aliases, each with a unique medium. His elusive work under the name Sighn and his Multipolar projects were well received and allowed him to explore different materials, discern and develop his message, and hone his craft to lead him to where he is now. [via Public Works]


Hand cut paper, glue, tweets