Margot Harrington


  • And, The Typeface


The ampersand is one of the best-loved characters of the written word. And while there are all manners of letter sets and glyphs available, there’s no such representation for the ampersand. So, designer, blogger and font savant Margot Harrington sat down and found 26 designer and artist friends to help her out. Thus the birth of And, the Typeface, the first ever hand-set font comprised entirely of ampersands.

Typeforce 2010 was the perfect opportunity to create a commemorative piece for And, the Typeface.  Feeling a need to take the project “offline” and use her skills as a printmaker & stylist, Margot screen printed the 26 ampersands onto various collages, vintage books, found objects and ephemera and assembled them into an 8 x 4 x 2 feet table top installation.


Margot is a graphic designer and all-around collaborator captivated by all forms of making and doing. Her friends include old style numerals, antique books & dusty suitcases, bike rides & old wacky electronics. When not making things she does odd jobs and documents art & design on the internet.


mixed media
found objects
3 – color screenprint
16 × 20 inches