Margo Yoon


  • For Charlotte


My fascination with type easily comes from being a bibliophile + my love for design. As a young de­signer, attending the first typeforce exposed me the ingenuity of the design community in Chicago. Since then, I’ve been inspired by Chicago designers and artists, and see the role of type in society more as an art form. Although I don’t consider myself to have a certain style, I do like creating handmade sculptural objects and having a message that in­spires people not only to think, but to think optimistically. There is nothing I would love to see more than some­one walking away from a piece of mine with a smile on their face.

When conceptualizing my idea, I was inspired by the beloved child­ren’s book, Charlotte’s Web. In the novel, a young pig befriends a spider, who continuously saves him from being slaughtered by making him famous, weaving words in her web such as: ”Some Pig”,“Radiant” and “Terrific.” Wilbur, the pig, not only learns the meaning of friendship, but also of self-worth. This was an experimentation of how type interacts with the public outside the realm of print: the materials used created the delicate look similar to characteristics of a real spider web, but maintaining a sculptural feel to the piece. The genuine message of “You Are Loved” to the audience is like a memento of their own self-worth, and a message that Charlotte A. Cavatica would have approved.


Born in Chicago and raised in the suburbs, Margo was always artistically inclined; from locking herself in her room as a child to draw pictures of animals for hours to volunteering to create the flyers for her youth group’s car wash. While in college studying under a general fine art major, Margo discovered the existence of graphic design, and she knew that is what she was meant to do. Margo holds a bfa from Columbia College Chicago, and currently works as a freelancer by day, but is the creator of bizarre things by night.


Jewelry wire & embroidery thread