Luke Williams


  • And Sometimes Y


The work I’ve produced, “And Sometimes Y,” was inspired by the spirit of French Neo-Classical artwork, as well as whimsical 1960’s Americana ideologies, made popular by artists like Peter Max. I wanted to present these letters as born from royalty, with a queer twist. I am suggesting that the vowels are not only the most valuable letters in the alphabet but also what give the English language it’s personality.


I attended my first drawing and painting class during my sophomore year of high school. Art quickly became my primary focus, and it was only a matter of time before I would be enrolled at the Maryland Institute College of Art (mica). I spent my undergraduate years studying graphic design under the best professors including acclaimed design writer, Ellen Lupton. My first internship was with the studio of Pentagram partner, Abbott Miller. This was an enormous pivoting point for my design education; never before had I appreciated the power of sophisticated typography. I graduated from mica in the spring of 2009, with a BFA in graphic design.


5 Giclée prints
16 × 20 inches