Lucky Pierre


  • 1,000 Actions for Chicago Torture Justice


1,000 Actions for Chicago Torture Justice is series/list of actions created by both Lucky Pierre and viewers of this piece in response to the torture inflicted by the Chicago Police from 1972 to 1992. The torture cases involved over 110 victims—all African Americans from the south side of Chicago. The actions are symbolic or actual gestures to generate discussion and movement around issues of torture. Each action attempts to address torture—its structure, practice and ramifications both in Chicago and around the world.


Lucky Pierre was founded in 1996 by Michael Thomas and Mary Zerkel as a collaborative group working in writing, performance, and visual forms. Lucky Pierre creates structures for engagement with various publics. In these forms, we explore complex issues and ideas (political, aesthetic, social) in ways that accommodate a wide range of experience, styles and approaches. The open structure allows collaborators and viewers to define their own participation; helping to create the meaning, and determine the final form and outcome of the work. Lucky Pierre members for 1,000 Actions for Chicago Torture Justice are Holly Abney, Travis Hale, Kevin Kaempf, Jeffrey Kowalkowski, Heather Lindahl, Tyler B. Myers, Bill Talsma, Michael Thomas and Mary Zerkel.


Bronze, paper
Variable dimensions