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  • Autonomous Humanist
  • The Feline Memekopf Alphabet


Most of the typography I use on a daily basis is twisted to function for a broad audience and have direct legible function. typeforce 2 provided a platform to show publicly some ways I experiment with pent up typographic intentions in an artful way. Thanks again to all the cat ladies of the world and to the great perhaps.

Autonomous Humanist

The labor of typography is an in­credible undertaking. I’ve never had the patience nor the preci­sion to do a body weight typeface. Where my typographic efforts are focused is pushing boundaries and embracing technology. This aesthetic I’ve developed has an experimental nature that falls somewhere between chaotic and automated. It fascinates me but does not quite ever feel finished. It is a transparent revelation of process and product.

The Feline Memekopf Alphabet

Display alphabet comprised of iron-on cat heads on various sized t-shirts.

Typography is very serious. Cats aren’t. Internet meme’s are spreading faster and with more fire than ever. Yesterday’s cute cat is lost to today’s new cute rollerblading cat to a day’s prior cat shooting off fireworks. A feline alphabet is an intriguing time capsule capturing the present day hyper-connectivity of an internet lifestyle and the tension between the timeless humor of cats and living a worth-while life on our planet while fighting the readily available abyss of cat-like clutter. Focusing on the head of a feline is the perfect vehicle to create a repet­itive and impressionis­tic visual that will question these values and permanence. Does a cat head t-shirt alphabet have value in the typographic world? Just as much as another poster of headline typography.


Kyle Fletcher is a creative comfortable in both digital and human expression. Tendencies include abstraction, letterform, and post-capitalistic expression. His narratives range from literal-thematic to dissociative but often generate a friendly Midwestern aesthetic. Outputs yielded include custom molded chocolate bars, screen-prints, blogs, films, bad films, magazines, brands, packaging, dreams, websites, pencil drawings, and the occasional left handed ink drawing of a kitten.


Autonomous Humanist

Screened posters, black ink on white archival stock

The Feline Memekopf Alphabet

26 one-off hand-ironed graphic t-shirts