Kyle Fletcher


  • Number 5 is Alive


My typographic submission for Typeforce 4 is a new custom lettering style I’ve been working through. It’s a combination of a manipulated grid that’s processed in a way that blends the human hand with technical rendering.

The text “Whatever God wants, he keeps!” is an excerpt from the film Short Circuit. It’s from a critical point in the movie where the actors realize the robot is alive because he gets the joke that was just told. A both scary and beautiful moment. It’s always been confusing to me why everyone is pursuing such robot-capable aesthetics. Soon we will have robots setting typography and generating copy.

I feel it’s my divine right to continue to create work I believe a robot won’t ever make because it just wouldn’t make sense. That’s where I find beauty, in the mechanically assisted unachievable.


Kyle Fletcher is perpetually curious. He strives to make something new with any combination of conceptually relevant processes. There is a consistent patronization of optimism in the work. Often a happy balance is struck when blending traditional craft technique with the digital tools of today. Currently generating work both individually and collaboratively with Steve Juras for a burgeoning movement called ‘New Sacred.’


Archival ink on bogus paper
24 × 36 inches