Justin Gilman




This city has been nothing but welcoming, inspir­ing and supportive since I moved here from Baltimore a year and a half ago. To be honest I was quite intimidated upon first getting to Chicago knowing that I would be starting over both socially and professionally. Meeting people, going to talks alone, being the awkward guy at the art show, were all nerve-wracking. But I quickly learned how warm the art and design scene is here in Chicago, and found nothing but support. Typeforce was definitely no exception. My experience through the exhibition proved that there is no better place than Chicago to dig roots and grow as a designer.

The poster I created was inspired by what I currently am striving to change with my life.


Started painting in middle school, continued in high school and graduated from the Maryland Institute of Art (mica) in Baltimore with a bfa in Graphic Design in 2008. Playing music and being in bands was a huge influence on his shift from fine art to design. He draws a lot of his inspiration from show posters, album art, and all things musical. As a designer, he’s had the pleasure of working at both small interactive studios to mas­sive ad agencies like Leo Burnett. With generous encouragement from the Chicago design community, he has recently been able to start Twin Collective, a graphic design studio that he runs alongside Tami Churns. He couldn’t ask for a better situation. Owning a company allows him the freedom to work with clients he loves and travel playing his music.


Digital print