Jordan Martins


  • Strange Attractions (#2)


Strange Attractions is a project based on my interest in the Chicago-spec­ific tradition of hand-painted, block­-letter grocery signs which have come to be associated with Hispanic markets. By exaggerating the expressive colors and gestural rhythms of the original signs, I aim to build patterns that sim­ul­tan­e­ously attract (fluorescent col­ors, bold shapes) and conceal (by un­der­min­ing legibility). In this sense, I see them re­lat­ing both to natural camouflage and bright plumage used by animals to attract mates, or broader notions of visual stimuli to affect or sculpt be­hav­ior.

This project began as a series of store­front instal­lations and now includes a set of large scale panel collages.


Jordan is a Chicago-based visual artist whose work employs a variety of collage techniques, combining precise details from different visual languages into a single surface or environment in order to foment new connections between them. His surfaces are often amplified or saturated to the point that it becomes simultaneously difficult and alluring to look at, investigating the conditions under which someone will perceive intention, relation, or cohesion between visual information that otherwise appears to be randomly or haphazardly arranged. He received his MFA in Visual Arts from the Universidade Federal da Bahia in Salvador, Brazil, in 2007, and currently teaches at North Park University.


Collage on panel