Jon Duncan


  • These Are Not Letters


This project was developed as an experiment in 3D typography that explores the line of representation and non-representation. The letterforms begin as unrecognizable forms in configura­tions that immediately appear obscure. The abstracted letters are suspended from above, free to rotate and continually change. Through the use of projected light, the forms cast their shadows on the wall, slowly  revealing themselves as letterforms. As an installation, viewers may begin to look for connections between the non-representational (wire-form) and the representational (shadow).


Jon Duncan still enjoys taking crayons to coloring book, along with nicely arranged items, colorful socks, thunderstorms, and a nice patch of grass. He has always been driven to create. He explored drawing as a little buck-toothed kid on the South Side; animation, comics, and video in adolescence; painting and sculpture in high school; then, design at community college. Jon now holds a degree in Graphic Design from UIC and applies his multi-disciplinary aesthetic to his personal work as well as what he creates for Morningstar, Inc. as an intern.