Jillian Barthold, Kady Dennell & Lauren Connolly


  • Inflated/Deflated


Often as designers/creatives, typography is not just something we create or something we are inspired by; we see it in our memories, in our emotions. When we are angry, we see type, messy and quickly written. When we experience love, the type looks more like a loopy script. Each balloon in Inflated/Deflated encompasses one of these moments. Balloons are an incredibly rewarding medium to work with. Beyond the vibrant colors balloons are some­thing people have a strong attachment to without realizing it. For some, they represent celebration, achievement, or childhood. They are incredibly pungent ob­jects and have the ability to transcend the differences we have as humans. Each balloon in the project is hand-lettered, and the words range from humorous to heartfelt. They are inspired by each of our lives, our memories, and our current adventures.


Jillian Barthold

Jillian Barthold graduated from Columbia College Chicago in 2011 with a BFA in Graphic Design. Most of her personal work is hand-lettered and involves human interaction. Currently, she spends most of her time printmaking and binding books.

Kady Dennell

Kady Dennell holds a BFA in Graphic Design from Columbia College Chicago. A passion for creation inspires her design work and personal projects, which in turn showcases her love for typography and attention to detail. Kady loves creating with ink and paint as well as vectors and pixels.

Lauren Connolly

Lauren Connolly is a freelance creative; the aggregate of her work is stimulated by passing moments, good pizza, and things overheard. Most of her time is spent drawing, book-binding and riding bikes.


Balloons: Latex with Sharpie for the actual balloons
Prints: Ultra Premium Matte




All photographs for this piece were taken by Nathan Legsdin, a Boston-based photographer.