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  • Writing Study I
  • Jonathan Adler Destination Pillows


Last summer I moved from Baltimore to Chicago. I instantly fell in love with the city and its art and design community. I have received much encouragement, and I could not be more grateful. Although my focus is interior and object design, the typeforce exhibition allowed me to revisit a past love for typography. I could not be more thankful for such a warm welcome to Chicago!

I’ve recently become fascinated with the notion that while our individual handwriting styles are so familiar to us, we will never draw the same lines twice. Writing is a natural stream of consciousness, something that we do day in and day out without a second thought. A well rehearsed act, a procedure that if taken the time to reflect upon becomes something of a daily artwork that we all produce.

Writing Study I

My study is a note to a loved one three times in the same way-on the same paper, with the same medium-something so human that couldn’t possibly produce much variation from the first note to the third. I framed each of these, along with a macro photograph isolating one common moment between each of the three notes. To demonstrate my theory, these photographs show­cased the extreme differences that occur naturally from one writing to the next. A specimen study that everyone can appreciate, since our penmanship is always 100% individual.

Jonathan Adler Destination Pillows

These destination-themed needlepoint pillows were designed and produced during my internship with Jonathan Adler nyc in 2008.


Jessica White began rearranging spaces and collecting objects at a very early age. Although she knew a creative career was in her future, it was not until her studies at Maryland Institute College of Art (mica) and after a prestigious position with design giant, Jonathan Adler, that she found her passion for interior and object design. She graduated with a bfa in Graphic Design, and a concentration in Environmental Design from the mica. She moved to Chicago to pursue another competitive role with celebrity interior designer and talk show host, Nate Berkus. These professional experiences have led her to a position as Design Director at Francine Turk, a highly acclaimed fine artist in Chicago. Jessica oversees the entire business, including managing the gallery/studio, designing printed goods to textile patterns, and learning the politics and history of fine art. She is inspired by everything around her, and her current idols include Samuel Mockbee, Fernando Botero, and First Lady, Michelle Obama. One day, Jessica dreams of establishing her own collection of home accessories and furniture.


Writing Study I

Conte pencil on steel grey paper

Jonathan Adler Destination Pillows

Needlepoint pillows