Jennie Li


  • Shit People Tweet


I’ve always enjoyed drawing letters and appreciated typography in its many forms and personalities. I’m intrigued by its ability to convey meaning and emotion, creating a feeling that can be very intuitive.

Shit People Tweet began as a small project to document some of the most funny/weird/random things that I’ve read on Twitter. I thought it would be interesting to hand draw them and bring something from the internet space into “real life.” By restrain­ing myself to only black ink on paper, I’m able to focus on exploring and push­ing the typography to do most of the heavy lifting in conveying meaning, keeping the illustrations to a minimum.


Jennie Li is a designer and photographer from San Francisco currently enjoying (and freezing in) the lovely city of Chicago. After a 5-year stint as a pre-med student and hating it, she finally realized she was meant to be a creative. If she really stops to think about it, art and design have always been a passion for her, as evidenced by an unfortunately fortunate incident at a very young age involving a wall, her mother’s lipstick, and her name whit in enormous lettering. Beyond design, Jennie is an avid film photographer with a constantly growing camera collection in various formats.


Black ink on paper