Jason Lazarus


  • Selections from the Phase 1 Archive


Phase I references conversations between Kalle Lasn and Micah White of AdBusters about broad steps for change, with Phase I being signs, meetings, camps, marches. This archive is a collection of recreated OWS signs used around the world. While a Kennedy Visiting Artist this past fall at the University of South Florida (USF) in Tampa, I started collecting .jpegs of signs from the Occupy movement and recreating them in my studio. This activity morphed to a weekly sign-making session where students from around the Department of Art and Art History were dropping in to make signs, talk about Occupy, eat pizza, and just blow off steam. This mode of production was significant as each sign has a message and a visual tactic used to create it. Through the process of the students picking a hand-made sign to recreate, they not only connect with a message, but with the vernacular tactic used to get that message out quickly, loudly, artistically. We all couldn’t help but learn together about the economy of protesting.


Jason Lazarus exhibits work internationally. Cur­rently, he is working on a daily nationwide sonic protest, Occupy837, which asks for participants nationwide to make a sonic signal of their choos­ing each night at 8:37pm in order to show solidarity for Super PAC reform.


A site-specific installation