Jason Frohlichstein


  • Free Fee


Free Fee is as much as a typographic experiment as it is a social one. The piece is interactive and functions best when viewers engage with it by taking the art with them. When something is offered as “free” we often want it just because we can have it. We don’t truly asses its value in determining whether or not we need or want it in our lives. “fee” in this situation acts as the antagonist of “free”. Here we give the viewer an option to set their own price based on their perceived value of the the piece. Operating on the honors system, a black piggy bank sits below the screen prints to provide a low pressure opportunity to make a donation for “fee”. Perhaps a penny to play by the rules, or an amount that reflects the cost of materials, or maybe even more?


Jason works as a designer in Leo Burnett’s Department of Design in Chicago. His diverse body of work jumps between geometric formalism, color field, and conceptualism, yielding a refined minimalistic approach with emphasis on composition, color, and ideas. He teaches screen printing at the Chicago Art Department, where he curates exhibitions as a resident artist and coordinator. He is very easy to find.


Screen printed posters, piggy bank, vinyl lettering
20 × 25.4375 inches