Jana Kinsman


  • Apis Mellifera


Honeybees in this country (as well as around the world) are facing a crisis. A broad combination of stresses are dramatically decreasing their numbers nationwide. As consumers we need to understand the importance of the honeybee to our food system. Without them, an estimated ¹/³ of all the food we eat would no longer be available the way it is now. Choosing to support local and organic food producers helps, as does planting native flowers and eliminating pesticide use in your yard. A problem this large means a big solution is needed, but there are small things that can we can do. Spreading knowledge is over half the battle. For more information on the importance of pollinators, visit http://xerces.org.


Jana Kinsman is a graphic designer, illustrator, and cyclist whose bee-keeping keeps her away from a proper day job but never fails to keep things interesting.


Bees from the artist and from the Chicago Honey Co-op