Greg Calvert


  • That Which We Are Not


Letterforms are much like people—they come in all shapes and sizes, have a wide range of personalities, and often work together to create something more meaningful than what they can accomplish alone. They project themselves into the world, are interpreted and viewed differently by different audiences. They are defined by the forms they inhabit as equally as the environment which surrounds them. My goal was to create a physical form that represented not letters themselves, but the surrounding negative space. The rustic, natural quality of the medium creates a stark juxtaposition with the more mechanical, geometry-based forms.


Greg Calvert is a freelance designer, illustrator, and art director. In 2005, after a strange and misguided detour into audio engineering, he graduated with honors from the University of Illinois at Chicago with a Bachelor of Fine Arts in Graphic Design. Since then, Greg has worked with a wide range of creative agencies and design studios, sometimes while wearing pants. Oftentimes he receives monetary compensation for his services. This money is then typically exchanged for goods such as food, video games, and airline tickets. His work has been recognized by his mother as being “very nice,” and although he frequently disagrees, he surely appreciates her saying so. Greg currently resides in Chicago’s quiet South Loop neighborhood with his human and canine companions, Ranee and Buckminster, respectively. He loves nothing more than writing about himself in the third person in an effort to make himself sound important, sophisticated, and accomplished, though it seldom achieves its desired effect.


Repurposed barn wood
36 × 36 inches