Gary Rozanc


  • Sweethearts


Typography is all around us. All one needs to do is stop and look. Whichever direction you gaze in you will see typography employed to help us navigate our world, make us nostalgic or simply make us laugh. Yet we rarely take the time to recognize the sheer beauty of the letterforms as stand alone objects. As digital methods of display expand, the tactile materiality of typography and it’s ability to help convey messages are being lost. As a designer/artist my work has been focusing on this loss and bringing that materiality back into the viewers consciousness.

Sweethearts® is a reminder to everyone that typography is all around us no matter how seemingly insignificant or integrated and that while digital displays have their purpose, texture and materiality adds layers of meaning to typography enhancing its ability to communicate that which can’t be done digitally.


In 2001 Rozanc dreamed of transitioning from production and occasional freelance designer to Principal of his own firm. To achieve this dream Gary decided to arm himself with knowledge of the design practice beyond production.

What came after enrolling at Cleveland State Uni­versity in 2003 was a complete surprise to Gary. Instead of running his own firm, Gary fell in love with design education. This love for edu­cation motivated Gary to earn a Masters of Fine Arts degree from the University of Arizona. These paths lead Gary to a tenure track, Assistant Pro­fessor of Graphic Design position at Colum­bia College Chicago. Now Gary gets to design cur­ric­ulum that has been taught, recognized and pre­­sented nationally.

Gary still loves to design and his work has been published and exhibited nationally. Currently, Gary’s practice is focused on humor and design’s role in k–12 education as a method for teaching Social Studies and Language Arts.