Emily Vanhoff


  • Folded Paper Alphabet


In the past few years, my interests in sculpture and graphic design have been merging, bringing together my love for typography and tactile processes. Much of my work deals with typography in a way that celebrates the forms of the letters themselves rather than the information that they communicate.

Abstraction and craftsmanship have been common themes in my explorations of the objecthood and physicality of letters. This places my work in the productive zone somewhere between art and design, a place that many artists have been exploring with incredible success. typeforce is an amazing showcase of such artists, and I am so thankful to be a part of this year’s crew!

Each letter of this alphabet has been folded from a single sheet of paper, a restricting process that renders the letters nearly abstract, and in some cases almost illegible. This obscured legibility gives the viewer a moment’s pause before recognizing the folded objects as letters. The abstraction and breaking down of these letterforms allows them to be viewed as objects, interesting and complicated on their own right apart from the transmission of information.


Emily VanHoff is a Chicago based artist and designer who just finished up her B.A. in Art Studio and Graphic Design from Trinity Christian College. Her recent projects include design for Proximity Magazine, design work for Trinity Christian College’s Art Department, and an internship at The Marketing Store. In the past few years, she has had work included in group shows in Chicago as well as internationally. A strong interest in typography carries through both her sculptural and computer based work.