Emily Haasch


  • For E.


The work in question is a study in memoriam, recollection, and the comfort of knowing that death is a part of living, rather than an abstraction beyond our reach. As a note, the phrase in question is a reference to my earliest recollection of the subject.

I seek to work with a translation via material and meaning, both of which are concepts I deal with extensively in my current practice, which is normally based in collage. I want to explore what it means to combine the contexts of an object—derivative of one that traditionally deals with toylike playfulness and careful assembly—with letterforms—the assembly of such symbols into language—and how each is changed under the context of personal recollection, monuments, and the very ordinary nature of dying.

This is for you and what you meant to me.

And yes, I still miss you.


Emily Haasch is an artist, designer, sometime front-end developer, and full-time weirdo in Chicago.

She enjoys maintaining a practice centering on a study of physical relationships and architectural juxtapositions between material. Having been informed by her training in design, Emily enjoys the use of correlation in manipulating and directing the viewer’s relationship towards contemplation of the work. Although much of her body of work pertains to collage, she has lately been exploring new materials, narratives, and production processes relating to designed objects.

Previously, Emily received a Bachelor of Fine Arts from the School of the Art Institute of Chicago in 2013 and has had her work featured at Boooooooom, Forage Press, the Chicago Design Museum, the Chicago Urban Art Society, Zhou B, Work • Detroit, and others. She continues to show, publish, and collaborate and is usually excited to see who or what is next.


Laser cut acrylic
36 pieces, 10 × 10 inches