Elaine Fong


  • Periodic Table of Elements


Large amounts of scientific information can be perceived as visually cold, institutional, and unappealing. This redesign of the periodic table of elements aims to change that, to take a common scientific and edu­cational tool and re-architect it in a way that’s graphically appealing and beautiful through color, pattern play, textures, and typography.


Senior Communication Designer at IDEO Chicago, Elaine Fong believes that designing information and data can be thoughtful, beautiful, and en­gaging. She’s created compelling corporate identities, pack­aging designs, advertising, and product launch and campaign strategies for a diverse range of clients including the Department of Transportation D.C., Keen Footwear, Gambrinus, Polyvinyl Records, Women Donors Network, and the ACLU of Illinois.


Silkscreen, digital print, letterpress, on Cranes Lettra paper