Eduardo Vea a.k.a.“Nose”


  • Palo Con Luz
  • Omnes Pro Uno


I believe there is art in every object. That’s why I like painting over found materials, giving them a second opportunity. When you decontextualize those objects or simply modify them, you can create something completely new. You just need to look at them differently.


“Basque iconography meets recycled wood in Eduardo Vea’s (a.k.a. Nose) work. This Spanish artist is a modern day archaeologist, scouring the side streets of the city in search of scrap wood to give new meaning to these forgotten materials. The uneven surfaces allow Nose to create compelling sculptures with tribal ele­ments that, while reminiscent of African art, are a direct homage to his Basque heritage. His work appears simple, but there is always a deep conceptual element behind it. Finding these painted works in an urban context produces a surprising juxtaposition between nature and the city, creating a piece that captivates the viewer.” —Marcus Hurst, Co-Founder Yorokobu Magazine.


Palo con Luz

Pyrography message and light

Omnes pro uno

Found wood, acrylic, cement