Drew Tyndell


  • Letter Study: RL
  • Letter Study: DT


This series is something of a departure from my usual architecture-inspired subject matter, focusing on letters rather than buildings. But there is also a link between them. I find interest in the similarities between architecture and typography, particularly in how they both utilize grids. While creating these paintings I used the pieces of wood as a grid system to both align forms and to split them apart. I like the randomness of the grid, how it sometimes tells you where things go, but also gives you the freedom to stretch a shape out or to fracture it in two.

Like my past series, this one also plays with the idea of 3D space. By pushing shapes back on a 45 degree angle, it’s possible to paint letters that appear to be wrapped three-dimensionally, almost like a cube or a house.


Drew Tyndell is a Nashville-based artist and designer. Growing up with an architect father, Drew was inspired by home-building from an early age, oftentimes tagging along with his father to job sites, watching him work and playing with wood scraps. As a result, his paintings always depict house-like structures, only simplified to their basic forms. His work walks the line between sculpture and painting, using simple, geometric shapes to create depth and space.

After 11 years working in the design field—and 8 of them owning his own studio—Drew moved to Nashville to work solo and to be able to dedicate more time to art. Past clients include Cartoon Network, Nickelodeon, Adult Swim, Fuel TV, and mun2, and he has also freelanced for studios such as The Mill and Cole and Weber.


Letter Study: RL

Enamel on wood
23 × 23 inches

Letter Study: DT

Enamel on wood
23 × 23 inches