Double Blind


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For years, Chicago has been losing the battle against gun and gang violence. For many of us, there is a disconnect. The violence is real, but the problem is often invisible as it is most prevalent in neighborhoods throughout the South and West sides. Those living in and outside these communities often feel powerless to stop the brutality. We see many dichotomies in this crisis: life and death, hope and despair, light and darkness. And with these dualities in mind, we cast a vision of light out of the shadows.


Double Blind is an artist collective, sounding board and group of friends formed in July 2011 through aiga. Our six members—Victor Fong, Stephen Lee, Simone Martin-Newberry, Aaron Maurer, Lou Medel, and Margo Yoon—are a diverse collection of designers, illustrators, educators, and art directors. We’re fun-loving thinkers and doers from the heart of Chicago. Our differences are what we celebrate most in our work, and in each other. Where one of us falters, another excels—but we do our best when we’re supporting and learning from each other.


Chipboard, halogen light
5 × 5 feet