Derek Olson, Jason Frohlichstein, Kyle Fletcher & Mike Wilgus


  • Turned On


Turned On brings the experience of being turned on to the gallery space. As a viewer ap­proaches the piece, it rewards their proximity with visual feedback in the form of three typ­ographic self-portraits. The ‘X’ is often used in theory to represent the unknown. Turned On challenges a user to evaluate what in their experiences turns them on. Presenting three typographic forms in a cohesive set, differentiates personal adaptations of the letterform ‘X’ and its
unknown value as a jumping off-point for the viewer to explore.

In typ­ography, neon signage as a medium is an invitation. A call for attention. The seemingly ubiquitous gaseous light is a strangely commonplace way to cry out for participation whether you are a strip club, church, tavern, design firm, or gas station. The executional practice in itself is far from ubiquitous. Neon sign-making is a craft involving high temperature glass bending conducted by a specialist. The artist-to-maker relationship mimics a commercial production practice, drawing on modern popular culture, while challenging traditional fine art values.

Turned On embodies electricity and human exchange. We, the viewers, are that neon tubing, and we are glowing bright as our sensory experiences trigger chemical reactions in our bodies. As a viewer interacts by getting closer to the piece, it glows brighter, giving direct validation to the viewer by encouraging a reaction. The viewer, essentially, turns the piece on.


Derek Olson

Derek Olson is an Interactive Designer and Dev­eloper current­ly living near Milwaukee, WI. He is a passionate creative problem solver who thrives on unique and challenging projects.

Jason Frohlichstein

Jason Frohlichstein works as a designer by day (and most nights), but makes free time for more tactile forms of expression. His diverse body of work jumps between geometric formalism, color field, and conceptualism, yielding a refined minimalistic approach with emphasis on composition, color, and ideas. He teaches screen printing as a resident artist for the Chicago Art Department, where he also curates exhibitions at their gallery. He can be reached by Google.

Kyle Fletcher

Kyle Fletcher is an artist comfortable in both digital and human expression. Tendencies in­clude abstraction, letter­form, and post-capitalis­tic adventure. His narratives range from literal-thematic to dissociative but often generate a friendly midwestern aesthetic. Outputs yielded include custom-molded chocolate bars, screen-prints, blogs, films, bad films, magazines, brands, packaging, dreams, websites, pencil draw­ings, light installations, mistakes, deficits, and the occasional left-handed ink drawing of a kitten.

Mike Wilgus

Mike Wilgus is a designer and an artist; today, he is an artist.


Light installation, limited edition of 3