David Weik & Chris May


  • Even More Unrelated Discoveries


With “Even More Unrelated Discoveries” I think we really wanted to create something that took us out of our comfort zones. Working on a computer can really facilitate one’s perfectionist tendencies, so by limiting our medium to a very uncooperative powdered plaster we made it impossible to consider a perfect anything.
We also wanted to make something impermanent.  Something that suggested process. The letters were crumbling from the moment we removed the forms, creating a piece that was in flux, which, we think, resonates with the notion of discovery. Great ideas being unearthed through a series of small decisions and tiny inadvertencies. This piece should feel like work.


David Weik / Vik designs for a smart, ambitious clientele who have great ideas and a desire to move the world forward. Vik makes a difference, by helping those who are making a difference.

Chris May / Program is an interdisciplinary graphic design studio with core disciplines being brand identity and development, printed matter and interactive design.


Powdered plaster (dry)