Dave Pabellon & Meaghan Burritt


  • Cite Specimen


Cite Specimen began as an experiment of pro­­cess amongst two makers, Meaghan Burritt and Dave Pabellon, and developed into a study of typographic debris found in and beyond the city of Chicago. They converted the hours spent commuting on bike, trains, and buses into an opportunity to engage with the places they pass through every day. Burritt and Pabellon’s survey covers about 300 transit miles per week, stretching from Uptown to Archer Heights, downtown Chicago to Riverside, IL. This col­lab­oration has become a way to not only re­flect on their pathways, but also explore their curiosities of space in context through their respected practices.

Cite Specimen will move forward as an ongoing method for investigating space, time, artifact, material, and site.


Dave Pabellon

Dave Pabellon is a graphic designer in print, con­stantly pursuing endeavors that connect his graphic design practice with social empowerment through the studio and classroom environments. He has men­tored and instructed in the non-profit sector, has taught at the university level, and lectures infrequently for professional design institutions and organizations. Pabellon is cur­rently a designer at Faust Associates, an award-winning visual com­munication firm specializing in intuitively guided and collaborative design solutions that disregard convention. His personal work has been produced in collaboration with the publication AREA Chicago, through the catalogs of Experimental Geography, Critical Cartography, and Urban Festival show. Pabellon received his MFA in Graphic Design at the Univers­ity of Illinois at Chicago and his BA in Digital Com­m. from Cal­ifornia State University Hayward.

Meaghan Burritt

Chicago-based artist and art educator Meaghan Burritt is heavily influenced by the intersection of local place, artifact, history, and culture, oft­en blending the languages of field archeology and contemporary art. Be it in the studio or the class­room, Burritt’s work is defined as inter­disciplinary and site-specific as she looks to excavate the visual narratives that reside in her surrounding urban and rural landscapes. Her creative process involves wandering where object and waste collection, photo documentation, and atmospheric sound re­cordings culminate into sculptural works and installations. Burritt cur­rently works as a teaching artist with cps public schools, Hyde Park Art Center Outreach Program, Pros Arts Studio, and Lill Street’s ArtReach Pro­gram. Burritt has a BA in Anthropology, a BFA from the University of Colorado at Boulder, and a MAT from the School of the Art Institute of Chicago.


88 found objects, nails, MDF board, repurposed filing cabinet, hanger files, Xerox copy index, catalogue