Darren McPherson


  • SKKY
  • Umiditá 1832



This custom typeface was a collaboration between Darren McPherson and Will Miller. Inspired by the delicacy and precision of calligraphy, Skky attempts to merge geometric tension with structural imbalance.

Umiditá 1832

This re-interpretation of an 1832 wood cut by Caslon was created for the Spring edition of the literary-arts journal Ninth Letter.

In order to achieve the feeling of humidity and intense confinement within the letter forms, the relationship between thick slab serifs and hairline verticals was exaggerated quite heavily. Pairing this treatment with large, perfectly proportioned Italian serifs helped to maintain a dominant sense of unease.


Earlier in life, while growing up in Sydney, Australia, Darren had been constantly captivated by the heavily stylized letterforms of graffiti. As a result of his close proximity to both the art form and the act, his first typographic experimentation began.

While finishing his final two years of high school in Hong Kong, his perspective on lettering and the structural arrangement of messaging transformed once more through the influence of Chinese language. Here, an appreciation for individual forms began to mature.

After initially enrolling in college back in Sydney, he decided to again cross continents and study design at the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign. From there he earned his BFA in Graphic Design and moved straight to Chicago mid-2009 to start an internship at Firebelly.



Screenprint, 1 color + 1 additional hand element
18 x 24 inches

Umiditá 1832

Screenprint, 1-color
18 x 24 inches