Laura Rafson, Maria Squeri, Erika Galvez & Elizabeth Rosenberg


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Incorporating the youthful playfulness of a Lite-Brite and the ingenuity and interactivity of the audience, the CMYKittens created a giant interactive light mural. It is a nearly 12 feet wide light box that lets users create words made entirely of illuminated colored rods. By choosing different colored rods and placing them into the light box, it allows the canvas and words to fully come to life, creating a different story for every individual.


The CMYKittens—Laura Rafson, Maria Squeri, Erika Galvez and Elizabeth Rosenberg – is a Chicago based design collaborative that creates interactive art using the elements of graphic design. They create hands-on collaborative concepts for their viewers to participate in. Each spectator helps them to achieve the final design in their projects. Having viewer participation creates a great sense of community, and by working together we can all create something beautiful to enjoy.

They began working together for Art on Track, the world’s largest mobile gallery, that takes place aboard a Chicago Transit Authority train. Every year six CTA train cars are given to different local artist for a complete makeover.

Laura and Maria are graphic designers currently creating marketing collateral to promote and attract new business to their companies, while Elizabeth teaches art education at local Schools and Museums. Erika is a front-end developer excited by the ever-changing interactive and innovative media in today’s web design.


Rubber canvas, 5000+ acrylic rods, foamcore and fluorescent lights
12 × 3 feet, four 3 × 3 feet wood frames