Christopher Kalis & DePaul University Graphic Design Student Group


  • Type by Tape (Through Time)


Apparently, in the beginning was Nothing. Then Nothing created Everything, carrying time and space with it. We seek to communicate a truth about our universe by simulating a self-organizing system inside of the gallery space. Throughout the night, we invite the audience to physically interact with our wall by placing strips of tape on top of dashed lines – – – that exist inside of a pattern. Our complex system is a typographic message and is built from the bottom up. Over time the wall will reveal its message through a coordination between the components of the system.


Christopher Kalis is a graphic designer, sound designer, musician, and educator. He received an MFA in Graphic Design from the University of Illinois at Chicago in 2008, and has two certificates from the Hochschule für Gestaltung and Kunst in Basel, Switzerland. He is a co-founder of Plural Design llc, and has been an active touring and recording musician since 2006. Christopher works in identity, print, web, motion, film, interactive, sound, and installation design. His Master’s thesis and personal work has to do with the synthesis of visual and aural forms, finding new alternatives to musical identities and experiences. Christopher is a member of the Chicago Design Archive, and his work has won awards from the Society of Typographic Arts, the American Graphic Design Awards, and how Magazine. His music has been featured on WBEZ’s Eight-Forty-Eight, Chicago Tribune, and the wire magazine.

Type by Tape was a collaborative effort of the Graphic Design Student Group at DePaul University’s School of Cinema and Interactive media. Students met on a regular basis to come up with concepts, prototypes, and to give critical advice toward the realization of the piece.

Students: Julia Simplicio, Samantha Rangel, Reo Leung, Zach Wardlaw, Max Kleiner, Drake Manalo, Tyler Bengtsen, Katherine Brown, Michael Leporati, Melissa Roels & Constantine Pitsilos


Inkjet prints, artists’ tape
8 panels at 44 × 75 feet