Christian Kuras & Duncan Mackenzie


  • Shows No Sign of Being Unresponsive


This work reflects on what it means for us to live around other people, and to share social space with them. This entails a paradoxical need for us to both actively distance ourselves from each other, and at the same time to retain a mutual sense of protectiveness and caring. The stories in this triptych express our desire to share, mourn, and reconsider the social spaces we inhabit and how our negotiations of shared space have impacted our experience of sharing this world with our neighbors and friends.


We are Christian Kuras and Duncan Mackenzie. We have been collaborating on art projects since 2003. We are based in London UK and Chicago USA. This hasn’t always proved very practical. We spend a lot of time on the phone.


Ink on paper
3 × 12 feet – triptych