Caroline MacLeod & Frances MacLeod


  • Crackle Crack


Despite sharing a bedroom for sixteen years, Crackle Crack is Caroline and Frances’ first creative venture as sisters. This show was the ideal opportunity to combine their shared love of words with individual interests and is surely only the beginning of future collaborations.

Language is a tool, but it can also be a toy. The same is true of typography. This work is a collaboration between my sister and me. She is a linguist and I am a letterer. She examines the sound and structure of words while I explore style and form. While our passions examine different senses, this work was an exploration in understanding what the other does.

The piece is hand-lettered on a scroll of paper to emphasize it’s overwhelming nature, and the poem is intended to be read aloud, if only quietly to yourself.


Native of Wichita, Kansas, Frances MacLeod is presently pursuing a bfa in Advertising Art Direction and Graphic Design at Columbia College Chicago. When she’s not creating, Frances is either eating, learning or falling more in love with Chicago. On the best days, it’s all three.

Caroline MacLeod studied Linguistics, Hebrew, and communication at the University of Oklahoma. In her spare time, she ponders, parses, digests, marvels at and mutters words.