Cameron Brand & John Pobojewski


  • Fraud


Technology often uses typography and language to fool the human mind into believing that software is empathetic. But if mankind creates this technology and the language in turn kindles a real human emotion in someone, isn’t that true empathy? Or is the result merely a facsimile? When is emotion really human and when is it an imitation? And how will we, as observers, know the difference?


Cameron Brand

Cameron Brand is a new media artist focused on patterns of natural phenomena, the manifesta­tion of intangible in­formation, sound design, and in­terface design. As a recent graduate of University of Illinois Chicago’s New Media Arts program, Cameron has exhibited at IIT’s Crown Hall with the Chicago Robotic Theater, lead workshops on physical computing, and developed an interactive window display for the opening of the new DePaul Art Museum.

John Pobojewski

John Pobojewski is an intermedia artist/designer focusing on blending the worlds of movement, print, sound, video, and generative art. John has been a principal at the studio Thirst since 2003, together with Rick Valicenti and Bud Rodecker. In 2007, John received unique recognition as one of Print magazine’s New Visual Artists: 20 under 30.

John has also received recognition from the step 100, The Type Directors Club of New York, AIGA, and Graphis, and his work has appeared in many pub­li­ca­tions including ID Magazine and IdN. Selections of John’s work at Thirst are included in the permanent collections of Chicago Design Archive, the Denver Art Museum and the Smithsonian Cooper-Hewitt Museum. He has presented at TEDxBGSU, SEEK Conference and Mobile Processing Conference in 2011, lectured at several schools throughout the United States, and has judged several design competitions includ­ing the Type Directors Club TDC 53 in New York.


Interactive video / software installation