Billy Baumann & Jason Teegarden-Downs


  • Feminine/Masculine


Masculine/Feminine is a play on the social conventions and norms of what the ideas of being feminine or masculine are and perhaps what they could be.

For us, Typeforce was a great opportunity for us to do something with our friends and peers that focused on an aspect of design that we equally love and fear. Just asked to contribute was a big honor and we are proud to have taken part in it.


Delicious Design League was started in 2006, by Jason Teegarden-Downs and Billy Baumann, after over ten years of experience in the design and ad biz. They started Delicious simply as a rock poster design/screenprinting hobby but by 2008 it had quickly grown into a full-time design and illustration studio.


2-color Screenprint Poster
23 x 35 inches
Edition of 50